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  • 本系統不支援Microsoft IE全系列瀏覽器,請使用新版本瀏覽器(如:Microsoft Edge、Google Chrome、Mozilla Firefox...等等)。
    Recommended browser: Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.
  • 忘記密碼?電算中心分機:13134
    Forgot Password? Please contact the Computer Center: ext.13134
  • 密碼異動後須隔 5 分鐘才能正常登入。
    If you change your password, please login again in 5 minutes.
  • 課務問題教務單位分機:教務處(日間學制)31125、進修推廣處(夜間學制)22839、進修學院12921
    For course enquiry, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs(ext.31125)、Office of Continuing and Extension Education(ext.22839)、The Institute of Continuing Education Affiliated with National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology(ext.12921)
  • 系統問題軟體發展組分機:31550~31556
    For online system enquiry, please contact the Computer and Network Center (ext. 31550~31556)
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